New Hauls!

New Hauls!

We've been on a roll this week, plenty of new stock coming to the site starting tonight, highlights inside.

8.21.15-8.28.15 Weekly Round-Up

Here's this weeks agenda. 

1.) New Stuff

2.) Mr. Robot May Be The Best Show EVER.

3.) Fear The Walking Dead

4.) Marvel Collectors' Corps

Let's dig in!

1.) New Stuff

Nothing crazy came in this week (M-F) but we did get a really nice collection last Friday that didn't make it into last weeks roundup. 

Some of you may have seen some instagram posts about it this week as I went through it. But the highlight for me was a copy of Fantastic Four # 3. FF#3 is the first appearance of the Fantasti-Car and the FF's uniforms. I'd never seen one "in the wild" before so it quickly made it's way into the personal "keep" box, and is nestled next to the FF # 2, 4, and 12 that I already had..

The collection was about 2k books, and also had some cool signatures in it, McFarlane ASM#300 probably being the coolest, as well as some hotter key issues right now like UXM # 266, Fear #19, DC Presents # 26 and others. The keys in the collection are currently up for auction now and they're ending on Sunday evening. So go throw some bids on them and get a great deal on some in demand issues. Box codes are J37 and J28, or you could just search our Auctions as there are only 24 of them currently.

FF # 3

FF # 3

AND, I picked up gorgeous copies of TMNT #'s 2 3 and 4. Pics below, for a great price from a new store in ATL. Definitely a cool find!

These are up for sale on the site now, check em out!

2.) Mr. Robot

If you haven't seen this show, you can't possibly fathom how amazing it is. I've NEVER watched a USA show. And quite honestly don't know why I fired up the pilot on "on-demand" this past weekend. I guess the marketing budget paid off and my curiosity must have been peaked.

I was hooked 5 minutes into the pilot. I'm not going to spoil anything but the show starts off feeling like some type of Sherlock/CSI:Cyber hybrid where our main character is "out-there" to say the least, and he goes through the first few eps destroying people (all bad guys) through hacking. In and of itself, that is interesting. But then, the show decides to take you up the highest roller coaster you've ever been on and drop you over and over throwing plot twist after plot twist at you. If I had to sum it up it's Sherlock/CSI:Cyber/Fight Club/24/House Of Cards/ and the Sixth Sense all Rolled into one giant ball of awesome.

The cast is amazing, and full disclosure, I never thought a cast headlined by Christian Slater (who I've liked most for his "welcome to Sabre" video from "The Office"), and the Egyptian Pharaoh from "Night At The Museum" would be something I'd be into. Just goes to show you that the right role can make you like anyone.

The storyline is flawless, it's completely unpredictable and wildly entertaining. As of EP.9 there are 5+ plot lines moving at once, each one is as interesting as the last. I think sometimes the larger cast shows (Ex. Game Of Thrones) have a weakness in them where you find yourself disinterested with the less compelling storylines, and consequently drifting out of the episodes that don't feature all the action. This show does the best I've ever seen at keeping you interested in whatever is going on at that moment. There are times when we leave our main character for an extended period, and you never get bored or wish to see him again because what you are currently seeing is so compelling that you stay 100% invested all the way through.

 I consumed episodes 1-9 in time for this past Wednesday's finale before learning that we'd have to wait a week for the crescendo due to the horrific shootings in VA., and a similar plot line in Mr. Robot to what happened in VA.. But after chomping through the first 9 in a few days, I'm sure the break won't feel too long. And kudos to USA for allowing real life to be more important than TV. Did the families effected in VA. even know about Mr. Robot, who knows. But it's really a classy move by USA to not even take the chance, and know when to step back for a minute and put what's important into perspective.

One last thought. I'm not a super "techy" guy, but just like you don't have to love CNN or Fox News to be into "House Of Cards," this show is SO much more than the hacking. It's the characters and story that make it great, it just happens to be centered around computer hacking / cyber terrorism. I could honestly watch ep's 1-9 again before the finale and enjoy them just as much. AND THAT, is what I call great TV. CHECK IT OUT!

3.) Fear The Walking Dead

 Two TV show reviews in 1 week! Yes, you're welcome. This one won't be as long as Mr. Robot because, well, it's not as good as Mr. Robot. Don't get me wrong, this show is very solid, and certainly deserves a watch, especially if you love the Walking Dead. But I honestly thing this show may be liked more by people that have never even seen the Walking Dead, as they're intro into the series. 

It in no way relies on TWD so if you haven't seen any of the original series, no big deal. So far it comes off as a perfect prequel to the series. Shedding some light on how we got to where we are in TWD, while also offering you a more realistic look at the way people adapt to the reality of Zombies. 

We're only 1 ep in, so I'm sure AMC is re-running it all week. Definitely check it out and see what you think. Solid B+ from me in the pilot. 

4.) Marvel Collectors' Corps

MCC's 3rd collector box came in this week and it did not disappoint. We were treated to 2! Pops this time, and they're both really cool. The box also had the standard content of 1 Pin, Patch, Shirt (very cool pop secret wars shirt this time), and variant cover to a pertinent comic book (secret wars # 1 variant). Check out the pic below for the up to date collector corps exclusive pop list.  

All 4 of the Collector Corps Exclusive Pops.