Weekend Sale!

Sale Code: 25OFF

% discount: 25%

Just enter code "25OFF" in the comments section of the offer screen along with an offer that's 25% less than the current ask on anything in the store* and we'll accept.

*sale does not apply to event tickets


No super awesome celebrity sightings this week. But we have taken in close to 40 boxes of stuff since last week. So I'll be brief and just let you know that we're bursting at the seems with new inventory. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for all the new stuff to start hitting the store. Some of the highlights include new affordable copies of Hulk 181, ASM # 129, 122, 121, Iron Fist 14, Luke Cage # 1, etc. lots of really nice new keys.

Also, not sure if you all saw our post from earlier in the week, but we currently have about 150 auctions that we threw up this week starting at $0.99 with no reserve. Tons of hot key issues that just came in last week, nice runs, and other "in demand" books that we're offering at a super low price as a little "customer appreciation" sale.

Link to those auctions here:


Now, onto the free photo's of the week. Which are actually going to be pretty light this week as I've been going crazy trying to sort all of the stuff we've brought in lately, so we're behind on scans (let me know if you live in ATL and want to make a few bucks scanning comics). 

Have a great weekend everybody!