Weekend Sale & Dr. Strange Movie Screening Update

Let's jump off with the sale details for this weekend.

Sale Code : "Strange"

% Off: 20

Just enter code "Strange" in the comments section of the offer screen along with an offer that's 20% less than our current ask on anything* in the store, and we'll accept.

*Promotion does not apply to event tickets


NOW, on to our Dr. Strange movie screening update.

Next Saturday (29th) at noon, we'll be co-hosting an event at Heroes Comics in Newnan, Ga. to give away Dr. Strange swag & free tickets to an advanced screening to be held on the 1st of November at Regal Cinema Atlantic Station.

This is going to be a costume "contest" if you will. Not sure exactly what the criteria or "rating" system will be, but it's Halloween weekend, so show up cosplaying and you'll have a much better chance to get tickets. Obviously, if we have enough, we'll give them to anyone that wants them, but I was quoted at around 30 tickets, so we may have to give them to the best costumes.

The event will be held from noon - 2 PM. Heroes is located at:

218 Bullsboro Dr. Newnan, GA. 30265

Heroes will also be running a huge sale on comics & other goodies that weekend. SO, there's really no other place to be next Saturday if you're into comics & want some free stuff. 

We hope to see you all there!

As you all know I've been teasing some really great stuff coming to the site over the next few weeks, so of course that means I have lots of great pics.