Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome collectors! This page answers most of the common questions we get from buyers, but if you have a question that isn’t listed here, feel free to ask

Do you combine shipping on multiple eBay orders?

Yes. Our shipping rates in the U.S. are as follows:

For a single auction item, winning bidder agrees to pay $4.98 Shipping (Media/First Class Mail W/Tracking).

For multiple items, basic DOMESTIC (U.S.) Rates are as follows:

2-5 Books $5.48     6-12 Books $5.98

13-20 Books $7.48      21-30 Books $7.98

31-45 Books $8.48     46-65 Books $8.98

66-85 Books $10.48     86-115 Books $13.98

We will offer a COMBINED shipping discount on items bought within 1 Week of each other.

Do you ship internationally?

Of course! International Bidders / Buyers are WELCOME. However, please WAIT before paying so we can bill you with the correct shipping charge. 

Medium Flat Rate Boxes Ship to Canada For $45.98. Any other Countries for $64.98 and hold approx. 45-50 comics.

I have a problem with my order. Can you help me?

Please reach out to us if ANYTHING about the item you win isn't satisfactory before leaving less than positive feedback. We have no problem resolving any issues and would appreciate the opportunity to do so before something less than positive is said.

We're only human and are totally capable of making mistakes so please offer us the courtesy of coming to us first so we can fix whatever is/was wrong with your order.

What’s your return policy?

ALL Returns ARE accepted. There is a 15% restocking fee required for a non-shipping damaged OR disclosed defect return. Meaning, if you'd like to return a book that arrived safely as pictured with no additional or undisclosed defects, that's when the restocking fee is enforced. 

We reimburse original shipping if an item arrives damaged or with an undisclosed defect. We do not reimburse original shipping if an item is returned "just because." We do not reimburse return postage in either scenario.

How do I know the books I want to buy are in the condition you say they are?

All pictures/scans in our eBay listings are of the books you will actually be receiving & all books are sold "As Is". We DO NOT use stock photos.

Almost all of our issues are going to be in at least VG or better condition. But please look at the scans closely and note the provided grade opinion to make sure there isn't something wrong with this/these specific book(s).

Please note: We are not a professional grading service. If you need more photos before bidding don't hesitate to ask. Because we're not certified graders we won't say any of these books are in "perfect" condition. They may be but we're not trying to market them as such. Look at the pictures/scans, judge for yourself, and enjoy.

I have a question you didn’t answer here.

Get in touch! We love talking with fellow comic book collectors.