Ready to sell your collection? Here’s why you should call us.

Atlanta Classic Comics is a family-run business – and in this family, comic-book ink runs in our veins.  

Unlike large comics resellers who offer impersonal service and low per-book bulk rates on the collections they buy, we assess each collection (and collector) individually to make a fair and reasonable offer. We may not buy every book in every collection, but we do try to look at every collection thoroughly to determine its true market value.

Because we have an intimate knowledge of the comic book market, a large international repeat customer base, and an efficient infrastructure with low overhead, we can confidently say that we offer the best rates for collectors looking to sell in the Southeast. 

There are two ways we can help you realize the value of your collection:


If getting the most value from your collection is your priority and you can afford to wait for your books to sell, our consignment program is a great option. We warehouse your books at our facility (not in your closet!), list them in our store, and handle the entire transaction (including shipping, fees, customer interactions, our employee payments, etc.) for you.

Because we make no up-front payment for consigned books, we can afford to offer a split of the sale that always favors the collector and returns the highest price per book you could get without selling them yourself. To learn more about consignment sales visit our How Consignment Works page.


Direct Purchase

If a speedy transaction and a single payment is what you have in mind, contact us to arrange an appointment. We’ll examine your collection and make you an offer based on the key issues you have, the overall size and condition of your collection, and our estimation of the collection’s overall value given current market conditions.

Because we do all the work and assume all the risk, direct purchase offers are less than you might get for a collection by selling the books individually. However, there is that overwhelming up-side: you get paid right away

Learn more about our direct purchase process by reading our How Direct Purchase Works page.

In 2014, a near-pristine copy of Action Comics #1 (the first appearance of Superman) sold for more than $3 million on eBay. 

In the volatile world of vintage comics, the value of an individual issue can change dramatically overnight.

Whether you’re a long-time collector or you simply inherited your grandfather’s collection, it pays to have a professional from Atlanta Classic Comics help you determine the likely value of your comic books.