Best Golden Age Collection We've Ever Had (Pictures Inside)

It's not often that I'm completely mesmerized by something that comes into the store. But today's new arrivals completely took my breath away. I received an email this week from a gentleman here in Atlanta that said he had some golden age comics he wanted to show us, to get some more info on and see if we'd be interested in buying the lot. 

I totally love the golden age, but we see so few, and the ones we see tend to be in VERY low grade. So while I was excited at the prospect of viewing some old books, I certainly didn't expect to see stuff SO amazing.

The coolest thing though, was the story behind the books is every bit as awesome as the books themselves. The books belonged to the son of a news-stand owner, who had the news-stand from the late 1930's until the mid 1950's. YES! you read that right. That means tens of millions of dollars worth of comics came through the stand in those years. If only we could go back... But I digress, the issues brought to us were the remaining 72 issues that the daughter of the original owner was able to find when clearing out his home. 

The legend is that her dad used to tell her how many comics he had, so we think there may be a hidden cache of comics somewhere in his stuff (we're hoping so at least), but for now this is "all" we've got. There are over 50 EC comics, 3 VERY early Mad Magazines, 2 golden age Batman issues, and several other one of a kind rare pieces from the 1940's & 1950's. 

I know this stuff is incredibly hard to find, as this collection is probably 10 times the amount of total golden age issues we've EVER had. So go jump on it fast, we're listing all of the issues as we speak. All will be visible in the store within our store search bar with box code "JM1".

And you know I'm not going to leave you with out an appetizer, here are all 72 cover scans in all of their golden age glory. ENJOY!