So... what happened on the Walking Dead Finale?

**Kind of Spoiler Rich, on two levels, comics & show... Proceed with caution**

This isn't going to be a terribly long entry into our collective nerd notebook. It's actually pretty simply an "opinion" piece. As in, what's the official ACC opinion of the outcome of Lucille's fateful swings at the end of this season's Walking Dead finale.

The way I see it, there are 3 possible recipients of the barbed-wired beauty's destruction. I'm going to make the case for each, and arrive at an educated guess? Why? Because you're all dying to know what I think? Of course not, it's just so, if I'm right, a few months from now I can jump up on from my couch and exclaim excitedly to my wife "I knew it!" Or "I had that!" Why? Because that's what guys do.

So here's my groundbreaking thoughts.

1.) Glen

This is the layup. Why? Because if you've read the comics, Glen's the one that Negan kills...with Lucille. So... that's something. However, the show has always done a masterful job of changing enough from the book to the show that you never really know what's going to happen. The overall geography, sure, who's coming up in the future, yup. But who lives and dies? Not exactly. So there's always the classic "well maybe they'll kill glen because we think they won't kill glen because we think they will kill glen." argument. This argument is tireless and leads nowhere. There's only two outcomes, they follow the book, and come off slightly predictable, and true to the source material, or...

2.) Abraham

This is my gut call. After-all, his "death" was taken by the lady doctor earlier in the season on the railroad tracks with the crossbow to the eye. This is how Abraham dies in the comics, remember what I said about changing enough, here you go. SO... he's kind of on borrowed time. When you add to that his whole story arc from this season, where he wants to die, then changes his mind and wants to live, it's a perfect time to kill him.... or...

3.) Sasha (The Dark Horse)

Admittedly, Sasha is a long shot. I really think it's going to be a core character, which she's kind of on the fringe of. The only reason I list her is because she's the yin to Abraham's yang with the whole "let's be happy together" vibe. So it could be her that's killed, as she would qualify based on the premise in the show that as soon as things go well for you, they stop going well incredibly fast. Again, it makes for more drama, and impact if you kill Abraham. It's also more "logical" to kill Abraham as Negan would be taking out one of Rick's handful of macho men that would prove incredibly handy in case of an uprising. Killing Sasha just pisses off a big man. 


It's Abraham or Glen... after a careful pro's and con's list think-tank, I'm going with Abraham. The writers allowed him to shine all season, and it felt like he had more than his share of screen time, why? Probably to make it hurt that much more when he's gone after we all came to love him and his "porch-dick" sayings. It could be Glen, but that would just make people mad. Plus they kind of already did that in this season, to go right back to that well seems unnecessary. So as we sit here on April 22nd, go ahead and call your bookie to see what kind of odd's you can get on the dead-man being Abraham and plop down a nice clean hundy. You can thank me in October. 

P.S. It's not Daryl. I had somebody tell me they thought it was Daryl. They've been banned from the store..... It's not Daryl. Please let it not be Daryl. Oh my God it may be Daryl...