I promise we didn't forget about you!

We never would, we never could. No, there was no sales memo this morning only because we were still putting the finishing touches on not 1 but TWO huge boxes chock full o' key issues for this weekend's sale. These are the first new key boxes we've put up in like 3 weeks. Been bogged down listing "lots" lately, but those dark days are behind us, and "RH1" & "J289" are finished and ready for your consumption.

So dig into those bad boys, and keep an eye out for "RH2" coming your way this weekend. Nothing but bronze/silver age keys in the "RH" collection. And because almost all of the issues are mid-grade, they're super affordable.

So here's your sale for the weekend!

Everything in store priced at $70 or less is on sale for 50% off now until Monday.

Everything in store priced at $70.01 or more is on sale for 25% off now until Monday.

ALSO! Spend a total of $50 and your order ships FOR FREE (domestic only).

Use offer code "KEY" along with your offer in ebay's "Make An Offer" option and we'll accept!

Here's a sneak peak at some of the additional keys heading your way this weekend!


We have more new keys than the locksmith this week!

We have more new keys than the locksmith this week!

All the new keys are here this week, open up for a free preview.

All Kinds Of BIG News!

All Kinds Of BIG News!

If you're going to read ONE email that we ever send, this is the one. Update on staffing, update on new inventory, AND an inside scoop on some INSANE deals we're auctioning off this week. 



New batch of Keys coming your way this week!

Summer sale is still sizzling!