FCBD + New Apparel + New Comics = Awesome?

It’s almost FCBD! Honestly, everyweekend here is like crazy awesome from a sale standpoint, we get that… BUT we’re going to make it a tiny bit sweeter for FCBD this weekend! Details below!

ALSO! So we’ve got a consignee that we didn’t realize also owns a custom apparel shop. I told him about an idea I’d been kicking around for a while to throw golden age defunct comic co. logo’s on high quality tees… and he took it and ran with it. PICTURES BELOW!

So I’d love your feedback on these, obviously we have others we can do, and probably will do if there’s a positive response, if we get enough positive feedback we’ll probably do it as a “made to order” item on the shop, if not, no biggie, I just got some really cool shirts!

Links below to shop straight from the source!




New boxes this week are J373, J380, WS2, WS3, WS12, JF17, etc. All new stuff is eligible for this weekend’s sale!

Be sure to sort by “newly listed” to see ALL the amazing new goodies live in the store.

Onto the details!

Free Shipping isn’t going anywhere!*

Everything in store priced at $30 or less is on sale for 75% OFF LOWEST ADVERTISED PRICE!*

Everything in store priced between $30.01 to $100 is on sale for 50% OFF LOWEST ADVERTISED PRICE!*

And Everything in store priced from $100.01 to $1000 is on sale for 35% OFF LOWEST ADVERTISED PRICE!

*Only excludes toys / apparel.

*Minimum Purchase of $15 for free shipping. Free shipping only applies to domestic orders.

***Just write OFFER CODE "TEE" in the "Make An Offer" comments section when you use the eBay "MAKE AN OFFER" option, along with your 75%, 50%, or 35% off offer and we'll accept.***

*One little note on larger orders going forward. We’re happy to allow you to buy however many listings/lots that you want. BUT, we’re running into an issue where the “old” way we process orders was taking increasingly longer and longer to get through on the 20+ listing orders. So going forward we’ll still obviously be shipping everything you buy safely, but we’ll no longer be bagging everything, instead placing cheaper “lots” into bubble mailers, then within boxes to speed up the processing time. If you need us to send you loose bags that you’d like to use to bag your order yourself, that’s fine, just make that request at checkout. Again, safety has always been & will always be our # 1 priority when it comes to shipping, but we need to find some more time so we can keep up our 1 day processing promise, and this is the best solution we could find.