Round 2... (BIG SALE!)

Well, you guys really blew us away last weekend. We had OVER 1000 items sell last weekend. I believe our biggest previous order item count was around 400 over last black Friday's sale. After 10+ hour days on Monday & Tuesday, we finally caught our breath.  

And I'd love to have a nice easy weekend, but the way I see it, we had to pay to list all this stuff, so we may as well try to move it all again this weekend. SOOOO.......

All the newly listed cheap stuff, is going to be on sale again this weekend. Everything priced at $3.99 or lower, we're letting go for $0.99. AND everything priced at $99.99 or lower, will be 50% off this weekend. *Funko & toys are the only things excluded from the 50% off offer. 

To sweeten the pot a bit, we're also going to offer the free shipping promotion we offered last weekend again. Just buy any 15 of the $0.99 listings, and they ship for free (Domestic). That offer IS combinable with our 50% off sale.

To get the sale prices, just make us offers in eBay at 50% of the current asking price or $0.99 on anything priced at $3.99 or lower and we'll accept. 

And we know, if you're not here for the sale, you're here for the fantastic 1st look previews of new stuff coming down the pipeline to the site, so here you go...

As you'll see, there's a boatload of new trades we just acquired, we've also got a ton of new keys heading your way, just don't have the scans on hand. Enjoy!