Inventory Just Doubled.... And we're putting it ALL on SALE!

Some of you know the history, most of you, I'm sure, could care less (and that's cool). But long story short, our inventory peaked at about 45K items toward the end of 2016. Due to an unlimited free insertion offer with the mighty "bay" we were able to offer more low cost items without the monthly overhead to list them.

Well, that offer went away on January 1. So now we'll be offering all of the low cost merch, which is approx. 20K listings, exclusively through "". We just launched all of that stuff back on both platforms (eBay & hipcomic) this week, and for the next month you'll be able to see it on eBay before it goes exclusive to hipcomic, and to celebrate its return.....We're rolling out the most popular sale that accompanied the "cheap stuff".

As always, these offers are only available to our loyal email subscriber weekly updates. You guys stick with us, and we love rewarding that loyalty.

SO.... we're going to make last year's black Friday offer EVEN BETTER on the "cheap stuff". EVERYTHING priced at $3.99 (up from $2.99 last black friday) will be on sale for only $0.99. AND if you buy 15 issues at $0.99.... we're shipping them FOR FREE (domestic). So what we're offering in essence, is a straight to your front door, dollar bin service.

Been looking for that copy of Wolverine 111 for the last 2 weeks, and didn't want to jump for it online and pay shipping on a $1 book? Well, now you can grab that one and 14 other hole fillers with no shipping charge attached.

I know, it's crazy.... how can we make $? Well, truth be told, we really don't on this stuff, but I'd rather funnel it out to you guys at our cost, than have it clog up our shelves as relics from a previous business model.

NOW, on top of that, we're going to offer 50% OFF EVERYTHING priced at $100 or less this weekend as well. Only thing held back from that is Funko items & toys, as they never seem to be offered on anyway. AND the two offers are combinable. Only thing is, to get free shipping you do have to buy 15 of the $0.99 books, then you can add as many 50% off items and still get free shipping. FILL UP A LONGBOX! We'll ship it for free. It's crazy! We're crazy! What is happening!

Anyway, back to reality, to recap. Everything $3.99 and under.... $0.99. Everything $100 and under 50% off. Buy 15 $0.99 books, they ship for free. Buy 15 $0.99 books, add more 50% off stuff, it ALL ships for free (domestic). Only exclusion is funko & toys. 

I can hear you now, "Jeff, you're telling me I can buy my $1 bin books online and have them shipped to my door for free, get amazing keys at 50% off, have that shipped for free, AND you're going to continue to offer me the same 1 business day turn around & safe shipping that I've come to know and love? Why do I buy comics anywhere else?" I don't know friend... I don't know.

OK, enough conversation with myself, you get the idea. Also, here are a few free photo's for you to enjoy, all coming your way this weekend.

Now go buy some books, my goodness I don't know what else we could do to make this sale better! 

Have a great weekend everybody!