New Site... New Sale

I got an interesting email last week from a guy at "" I'd never heard of the site before as they're pretty new. But the guy I spoke with explained to me that somehow they were able to convince eBay to allow them "allowed ap" status, meaning we can easily (easily, like the click of one button) mirror our inventory on, and add stuff over there that isn't cost effective to list on the mighty Bay. 

SO... we did it. By the end of the week our HipComic inventory will have about 50K listings on it, with items as low as $1. All the old one off back issues you need, you will now be able to find there. 

To be clear, we're certainly not interested in migrating our sales from eBay to HipComic, it's just another resource that we can offer you to pick up lower priced items that don't make sense to sell on eBay. This development is huge for us as we were unfortunately going to simply "lose" about 20K listings that didn't price out high enough to put on eBay. But now, you'll be able to see that stuff on Hip Comic. Our user ID over there is AtlantaClassicComics and the link to the page is :

So check that out if you have a minute, you'll still get all of the fantastic service you've come to know and love from ACC, just on a slightly more "comic geared" selling platform.

And now, on to the main event / the only reason you read these things. THE SALE!

Well, for those of you that read last week's email, you'll know that I was deep in the midst of a butt kicking bathroom remodel. We FINALLY finished yesterday, and we went WAY over budget (budget? what budget?) SO... we're bringing back your favorite one more time. 

EVERYTHING priced at $100 or less, is 50% off this weekend only.

To receive this pricing, simply offer us 50% less than the current asking price on anything priced less that $100, and we'll accept.

And lastly, how about some free scans of some of the new inventory heading your way this weekend! 

Here you go!