This time of year has to be one of the great "wins" for the general consumer in this fine country. Us, the business owner, has to pay a bunch of tax, and you hopefully, got back a nice big fat check. SO... in order to entice you to spend some of that new handy loot, to help us replace our handy loot, here's a sale!

We still have about 2 weeks left on the listings for our "cheap" stuff, so I'm going to keep offering that to you guys basically at cost until those listings expire, but we're going to make it a bit easier to get your hands on some nice comics this weekend.

HERE'S the deal. Any thing priced at $3.99 and less, is on sale for $0.99. In addition to that, if you buy any 10 of those $0.99 listings, we're going to ship them for free (domestic). We had been offering that at 15 issues, but we're going to lower it to 10 to help get some of the excess stuff moving on. 

In addition to that, anything priced at $99.99 and under will be on sale for a whopping 50% off this weekend. (Only excludes toys & funko.) 

50% off stock can ship for free too as long as 10 of the $0.99 listings are apart of your order. So for example, if you buy 10 of the $0.99 listings, then 10, 15, 20, etc. MORE of the 50% off listings, it ALL ships for free. But you have to meet that 10 $0.99 listing threshold to get free shipping on everything.

I honestly thought you guys blew us away 2 weeks ago when we began running this similar sale, then you came back and almost doubled our sales last weekend. We were literally at the shop shipping orders until 9:30 Monday night, INSANE!

Anyway, I'll quit blabbing, you guys already know this is the best deal in town, the best price, the best service, etc. And now we're dropping the free shipping requirement from 15 $0.99 listings to 10, WHERE DOES IT END!

Have a great weekend everybody!