Who Wants Some Free Stuff?

Yup! You read that right. The good folks over at "Spider-Man Homecoming" sent us a care package of goodies this week to help promo the movie. And you know we have no use for 15 "fidget spinners", 15 cell phone mounts, a bunch of temporary tattoos, TONS of posters... and of course... all these ADVANCED SCREENING PASSES!

Now I know you all don't live in Atlanta, but we're going to deliver the love to you, as we'll be including some of these fun items in shipments that go out on Monday from stuff bought over the weekend! So get ready for that.

If you are in Atlanta, and want a poster, or some tickets, feel free to swing by the shop today or Monday for the passes. 


You may have noticed the absence of a newsletter last week. That was because it was my one week a year that I hang out at a random campsite with very limited internet service. So instead of putting out an update, we just slashed all of the prices directly on ebay by 50%.... so basically the same great savings, just without a fancy email to tell you how to get it. 

Those sales that we started haven't timed out yet, so if you need anything this weekend, prices are already dropped for you to "sale" levels. 

And of course... we got some sweet scans for you this week, tons of great new stuff coming your way this weekend. ENJOY!


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