50% Off In FULL SWING!


As you'll see below, another week, another awesome new batch of comics heading your way. We're also sending a nice extra discount your way this weekend if you're an email subscriber.

Because of my recent time out of the office, everything was put on sale manually through eBay, so you'll continue to get the same great pricing discounts you'll always get, just without the extra step of making an offer.... well, until now.... as we're going to knock an EXTRA 5% off the lowest published price on everything priced at $499.99 and below this weekend. 

To get that extra little discount, just offer us 5% less than the current asking price on any applicable listing, and enter offer code "5Off" in the comments section and we'll accept. (Only toys/funko & items priced at $499.99 and above are excluded from this offer.)

And now, without further adieu, the amazing new books heading your way soon!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!