What a week! I don't know if we've ever sold more IN store in a week than this week. Needless to say, we offer that high end customer service in store, so I wasn't able to get quite as much sorted as I would have liked, thus there's only 1 giant box worth of hot scans for you to check out this week. They're below, and they're awesome.

Don't see anything you like... don't fret... next week's scans are going to have some haymakers in them. I'm nearly finished filling up a longbox of keys from a new collection we have on consignment, so look out for those shortly.

To those of you that called, texted, wrote, etc. expressing your concern that Joe was out on Monday.... you'll be pleased to know we got every order from the weekend out on time... so maybe Joe can go on VACA more often ... but maybe not....

Onto the reason we're all here, I know we love the witty banter, but let's go ahead and make with the sale details.

To reiterate what I said last week... going forward, all of our $0.99 sales are going to be on product listed on HipComic.com, and then the larger % sales will apply to orders made on HipComic & eBay. 


Everything priced at $2.99 or under will be on sale for only $0.99 this weekend. That's a whopping 66% OFF... WOW! We're also going to offer you free shipping (domestic) if you buy any 10 of the $2.99 listings for $0.99. That's 66% off and FREEEEEEE Shipping! WOW again! (applies to anything priced at $2.99 except for toys/funko's etc.)

As for the rest of the stock...

Anything priced at $99.99 or less, will be on sale for 40% off the current asking price. This is good for anything on Hipcomic or EBay (except for the cheap stuff, the inventory is the same.) To get 40% off, we just need you to "make us an offer" at 40% less than the current ask using the "Make An Offer" feature on HipComic or Ebay.

If you buy 10 of the $0.99 listings on HipComic, you're welcome to add 40% off listings to your order as well for free shipping, but you have to buy 10 of the $0.99 listings to qualify, not just 10 listings.

Here are the links to the respective homepages...



Now for the aforementioned free scans of some sweet key goodness headed your way this weekend!