Weekend Sale!

What UP! Big week at the mighty ACC, for the first time in YEARS, our manager will be taking a couple of days off this/next week, pray for me... for real.... 

Yes, I used to pilot this ship solo but I kind of liken it to the way you kind of stop riding a bike once you learn how to drive a car, unless it's for exercise, or you're super great about taking care of the environment.... why push pedals constantly when you can just step on one every now and then to maintain speed... For those in the know, its kind of like I'm starlord flying without rocket... or the other way around... (GOTG2 was amazeballs BTW!!!)

Anyway, Joe is going off to frolic in the magical land of Disneyworld this weekend, and I'll be left with our ever ready helper Nick & my "home from college" brother on Monday to push through however much stuff you guys buy this weekend. So on the one hand, it's great to sell stuff and make $$$, on the other, you don't have to buy tons of stuff this weekend.... JK.

OK, on to the sale.. I know you guys can only tolerate so much mindless banter from a crummy sales email, so I'll make with the goods.

At this point, ALL of our cheap stuff is on "HipComic.com" the exact link is


It costs us about $1K to list the cheap stuff on eBay monthly, and it's free on "Hip". So... pretty easy decision there, lol. We still offer all of the same return policy details, 1 business day turnaround, fantastic customer service, etc. when you buy through Hip, so if you're looking for the 16,000 listings that just mysteriously disappeared from ebay... "thery're only a click away..". 

Anyway, we like to sell said cheap stuff, as it's not really with our "model" anymore, so this weekend we're going to offer everything $3.99 and under (on Hipcomic or Ebay) for only $0.99. ALSO, if you buy any 15 of the $0.99 issues, we'll ship the whole order for free for you (domestic).


Everything priced at $99.99 and under will be on sale for 30% off. YOU CAN combine the 2 offers, but you do have to buy 15 of the cheap listings to get free shipping on everything (domestic).

Only exclusions are funko's & toys (as they cost too much to ship).

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for... free beautiful high quality scans of some exciting new stock headed your way this weekend... but, since I forgot the scans of the new keys at the shop, instead you get a little "greatest hits" this weekend of some previously offered goodness. I will tell you though, as far as "inside info" goes, we just filled up an entire longbox with keys from the first 6 boxes of a new consignment we got last week. Look for box "GM6 or 7" probably in the next week or so, I'll post the scans on next week's email too.