Sale + Brand NEW Collection = A New Key For You?

I always love when we get to offer AWESOME new stuff to you guys before it hits the general public. This week we're bringing the heat. We just acquired a full long box worth of "key" issues. This is from a completely un-cherry picked silver & bronze age collection that is chock full of all the issues you'd hope to see from the period. Hulk 181 YUP, ASM 129 UH HUH, GSX 1 YOU KNOW IT! They're all here. 

To celebrate this weekend, we're going to offer everything in store at 25% off the lowest published price. That does include even the new stock that will begin heading your way this evening. 

To get the discount, simply make us an offer in eBay's "MAKE AN OFFER" option at 25% less than the current asking price and enter offer code "25OFF" and we'll accept the offer.

Now, just in case you didn't believe me, enjoy the giant batch of free photo's, let this serve as simply an appetizer for what is to come.

Have a great weekend everybody!