A "December To Remember" Sales Event!

In the 6 years that ACC has existed, I don't know that we've ever been this jam PACKED full of new inventory in such a short period of time. Since September we've literally gotten a new collection every other week. And you guys know us, we don't buy just a few books here or there, the collections we take in tend to be in the thousands. 

So over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas we're going to do our best to highlight what the new stuff is, and give you, our loyal email list a first shot at grabbing the new stock at even better prices than the general public. So over these next few weeks you can expect awesome free scans of what's coming soon, new box codes where the new inventory resides, and sweet sales.

Let's do it!

New codes for the week:

MK1, MK2, J278, J279, JH6

These 4 boxes new this week highlight a fantastic collection of new TPB's & graphic novels as well as hundreds of new modern &copper age keys and variants.


Every order placed on eBay for $50 or more will SHIP FOR FREE! Just buy $50 worth of books, and we'll knock the shipping down to $0 for you.


We're taking 25% off EVERYTHING* In store NOW Through SUNDAY! Make us an offer that's 25% lower than the current asking price, and we'll accept!

Just enter code "25" with your offer in eBay and we'll accept.

*Only exceptions are toys, glassware, and event tickets.

Now for the previously promised free scans of new inventory heading your way SOON!

OH! One more quick aside for those of you still reading... hey mom! HOW INSANE IS IT to be alive right now as a "comic guy". That "Infinity War" trailer melted our faces off at the ACC offices this week. Star Wars "TLJ" is 2 weeks away, "Justice League" is IN theaters, Black Panther & Deadpool 2 are closely behind... I mean come on! Anyway, sorry, just felt like the current moment in history needed to be recognized for its greatness.

Have a great weekend everybody!