Cyber Monday! Let's Do It Again!

I've gotta say, the way these "marketing sales holiday's" are basically back to back, can be overwhelming for us as we don't ship on the weekends. But we're pulling out all the stops for you guys, calling in extra help for our shipment today so we're ready to do it all again tomorrow. 

And technically, "Cyber Monday" is supposed to be "our" holiday, as we're not brick & mortar, so I'm going to sweeten the pot a bit vs. our "Black Friday" sale from a few days ago.

Just like Friday, we're going to offer 50% off our lowest published price on everything priced at $80 or less in the store. *Only excludes toys, glassware, statues, & event tickets


25% off everything in store priced at $80.01 and above. *only excludes toys, glassware, statues, & event tickets.


As our "cyber monday" special, we're going to ship every order over $20 for FREE! (domestic only). Yup, you read that right, spend a measly $20 and it ships for free. 1 book or 200 books, as long as the order totals over $20, it ships for free. This adjustment can be made after you "buy" everything you want, wait to pay, and we'll invoice you with a $0 ship charge. 

To obtain this pricing / special offers, just offer us 50% or 25% respectively off the asking price(s) and enter code "CYBER" in the offer comments section & we'll accept. If you're buying on HipComic, no need to enter the code.

OK! This will probably be our last BIG sale for the year, we may do one more, not sure yet, but if we do another, I can guarantee you the "free shipping" tier won't be quite as low. So go grab these sweet deals now, new inventory listed daily, so if you bought stuff on Friday, there's more new stuff already!

Happy Shopping Everyone!