Black Friday Flash Sale!

Well, here it is, the big one... I know you guys are being bombarded with Black Friday offers today so I'll keep ours short and sweet.

Here are the deals:

50% OFF EVERYTHING in the store currently priced at $80 or less. (only exclusion is toys & event tickets)

We're also offering FREE SHIPPING (domestic only) on any order that is $50 or more. 

AND, anything priced at $80.01 or more, is 25% off it's lowest published price. (only exclusion is toys & event tickets.) 

These deals are good from the moment you see this sale message until 5:00 AM on Saturday the 25th. 

To get these offers on eBay, just offer us the above % off any item  with the offer code "Black" and we'll accept.

On HipComic, just offer us the % off and we'll accept.

As for the free shipping, we'll invoice you when your offers are all accepted with free shipping (domestic only) if the order total goes over $50.

*These offers aren't combinable with any other coupons or discounts we offer.

Happy Shopping!