One Last Week...

Well, through some clever "listing" footwork, we are pleased to offer you one final week to scoop up those discounts before the "cheap" listings come off the shelf for good.

To recap our situation for those of you not following along too closely, since April 16' we had a blank check of free listings from eBay. So it didn't really matter what we listed, no matter how cheap, as we weren't paying to have it hosted month after month. Well, that ended on January 1st. I was able to buy us an extra 12 days with everything still being live on the site by ending a ton of stuff and relisting it under December's listings, but that all begins to end next week.

So, for one last weekend, we're going to be offering EVERYTHING priced at $2.99 or less for only $0.99. We're talking THOUSANDS of books here. We've had several of you put together orders well north of 100 issues ALL at $0.99 each. We're also going to extend the free domestic shipping offer for this weekend's sale as well as long as you buy any 10 books using the $0.99 promotion.

To take advantage of the deal, simply make us a $0.99 offer on any issue or lot priced at $2.99 or less and put code "99" in the offer comments section and we'll accept. Do that 10 times and the shipping will magically vanish away.

We're also going to extend the 50% off offer on anything priced at $9.99 or less. Just make us an offer that's 50% of the current ask along with offer code "50OFF" and we'll accept. The two offers are combinable and you CAN get free shipping on an order with "50Off" offers so long as you buy any 10 of the $0.99 listings.

Lastly, for our big spenders, anything priced north of $9.99 will be 25% off this weekend. Also combinable, just use offer code "25Off" in the offer comments section and we'll accept.

Next week we're going to be dialing back the sales as the inventory begins to shrink a bit, so look out for some hard hitting comic book news or something like that.

Now go start digging through those virtual dollar boxes people, time is running out!