No power...

In general, I don't think people like to hear other people complain, and I get that. But I gotta tell you guys, by about 5PM on Monday, I was starting to think the universe was conspiring against the all powerful ACC.

Started off with a WAY earlier than normal wake up call from our store manager. Generally if Joe calls me the minute he gets in... something bad happened. It's only happened twice. Once when there was a fire next door last year, and now this week when there was NO POWER. 

Now, had this past Monday been May 1st, or September 20th, or any one of the other 300+ days we've had since the last time the temperature was below freezing here in Atlanta, it wouldn't have been THAT bad. We open up our giant warehouse bay door, enjoy the fresh air, and look a little closer at what we're pulling to make sure we were grabbing the right stuff. When we get done I pack up the shop printer and just go home to print our labels. Not convenient, but not the end of the world.

Well, any of you that live in the south know that this past weekend the temps dipped down to around 0-10 for about 3 days. Guess what day 3 was... yup, it was Monday. SO.. we had 600 items to ship, no power, and a warehouse bay door that was wide open letting in the 10-15 degree weather all day. JACKPOT!

Luckily I have the greatest assistants in the world as no one complained, we just sucked it up and got it done. Everyone's label was printed Monday, everyone's stuff got out, and we lived to die another day. It did serve as a nice fun reminder that even the best laid plans can go to waste sometimes, no matter how well prepared you are. 

The power was finally turned back on yesterday, but the weather quickly improved after Monday, so it was actually kind of nice around the shop this week. No electronics, just some good old fashioned story swapping, and I nice 65 degree breeze by Wednesday. Yes, you read that right, it WAS below 20 on Monday and north of 65 on Wednesday..... only in Atlanta.

Enjoy your weekend everybody!