The Keys Keep Coming...

I've had people ask me before, "aren't you worried that you will run out of good stuff to buy & sell?" Well, I guess conceptually, sure. But we have been beyond fortunate to have our fair share of goodies from all "ages" continue to roll through our door this summer. 

This week was no exception, as 3 more really nice collections came in this past weekend. Our only problem now is finding enough time in the day to get them all listed. Seriously, there are about 10 long boxes in the shop that have nothing but the best of the best from each collection, that I just literally haven't had the time to list. 

We'll get to them, and I'll do my best to let you guys know what's coming down the pike, offering you that "insider" preview of what's to come before everyone else has a crack at it.

I'll include a bunch of photo's of this weeks new goodies below, feel free to reach out to us directly for pricing and grades if you don't see the book listed on the site yet, I promise it's coming, may just take a few days.

OH! And I almost forgot, I know you guys come here for the wonderful conversation, & great photo's... but most importantly, lets get out this week's sale details.

We'll do 20% off this weekend, use promo code "KEYS" in the comments section of ebay's offer screen, make us an offer that's 20% less than our current ask, and we'll accept. 

Now, on to the tons of free photo's, enjoy!