I'm going to keep it short and sweet this week guys, we all know you come here more for the free extra discounts on awesome comics than to hear me ramble, so you're in luck this week because I am beat.

I could pine on about the insane amount of new stuff we have heading your way in the immediate future, and how you'll always be super grateful that you're on this awesome email list, but instead, we'll do that next week.

This week, we're doing an extra 20% off ANYTHING in the store, including the beautiful new HULK # 1 we just listed today.... yes it's real.... go check it out!

Just enter offer code HULK in the comments section of the offer screen, and make us an offer that's 20% lower than our current ask and we'll accept, it's really that simple!

So until next week, I'll leave you with some glamour shots of our new best comic book friend, enjoy!