Where are all the comics in Boston? And A Sale...

I guess I've never really thought about it, but we really don't sell too much to the greater Boston area. I just spent 5 days in "the cradle of the revolution" and I have to say I believe I now know why.

Boston is easily the biggest city I've ever been to that is without an amazing classic comic book store. Sure, they've got their fair share of the standard "Civil War to current" type stores. But, unless I was just blind to a google result, that's all they seem to have.

And as a city so rich with history, I have to say it's a bit surprising to see they have very little available "comics" history for sale. 

Before you tell me I'm crazy & that I didn't look hard enough, well, I looked as hard as you could with no car. I walked from Fenway to the North End, Back Bay to Harvard, and while there were several very nice new comics stores, none had that fantastic distinguishable smell of a store harboring tons of antique paper.

I heard that "New England Comics" may have some old stuff, just not at the 2 locations that I stumbled into apparently.

"Newburry Comics" was fantastic if you're looking for a store chock full of pop culture, just no old comics. They have at least 3 locations in the downtown Boston area, none of which were too different from the other. 

And lastly, "Comic-Opia" was a very nice quaint "new books" shop very close to Fenway Park.

All very lovely stores, clean, air conditioned, nicely appointed, just NO silver age anywhere in sight.

I guess next time I'm in the city that gave us Fenway, Sam Adams, Paul Revere, and a lot of tea in the water, I'll have to rent a car to find that sweet silver age goodness.

Oh well, can't say I didn't try. Luckily after my mini sabatical I was greeted with about 4 collections today at the store, plenty of silver age there to restore my faith that it existed.

I'm sure I'll go back to Boston someday, so I'd love to hear you sound off below in the comments if I just missed the hidden treasure shop that you know to exist.... or that google doesn't.

Oh yeah! I mentioned a sale... Let's go 20% OFF EVERYTHING in the store this weekend. In honor of our amazing store manager Joe, who held down the fort while you maniac's were buying TONS of stuff on Monday & Tuesday, let's use promo code "JOE".

Just type "JOE" into the comments section of the offer screen along with an offer that's 20% lower than our lowest published price and we'll accept. It's that simple.

Until next time,