Week Roundup & Sale Details

What a week. Last week saw us acquire about 10 collections, this week was "super sort" week, as I got to dig into all those boxes all week and sort them into the different "categories" and ways in which we market comics. I ended up filling up about 5 whole "single issue" or "key issue" boxes, to go along with about 15-20 "lot" boxes. TONS of great stuff in the new arrivals.

I think we've been recently trending about 1000 NEW listings a week, so there is definitely something for everyone added on an almost daily basis. 

I still have one pair of tickets to "The Killing Joke" this coming Monday at Atlantic Station at 7:30 PM. If you're in Atlanta and want to go, it's free! I just need names for who's going, as well as an email address for our contact to send them to. I wish I could join you and my staff at the screening, but I'll be in the great city of Boston all weekend into the middle of next week. So if anyone knows of any cool "hole in the wall" comic shops in the greater Boston area, let a friend know.

Ok, ok, enough rambling, time for the meat. Last week's sale didn't inspire too much greatness, we must not have too many "pokemon-go-ers" reading this highly sought after intel every week, so we'll readjust to a comics reference for the sale this week. 

In honor of SDCC opening up yesterday, and the nerd kingdom's annual week long Christmas in July celebration commencing, let's run 20% off EVERYTHING in the store this week, and use promo code SDCC.

Just type "SDCC" into the comments section of the offer and offer us 20% less than we're currently asking for ANYTHING in the store, and we'll accept. 

One last thing, go check out the most talented man at ACC's finale to his Star Trek column. I know nothing about Star Trek, not a hater, just always been more of a Star War's guy (quick side note, our "Smuggler's Bounty" funko box came in today, they knocked it out of the park this month, go grab one if you're into really cool stuff.), but this piece could be featured on any of the big boy site's, and its only available on our little dirt patch of the internet galaxy. So go show Will some love, I know for a fact that he has a life, so I have no idea how he had the time to put that together, but it's amazing.

My favorite TV show is "The Office" (US), and I can quote almost every line before it's said, trust me, my wife loves that (not). But I doubt I have the capacity to put something like that together, so my hat goes off to the Octopus Man on his masterpiece. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

Until next time,