Here We Grow Again! Again!

This week's entry to our blogosphere was going to be an epic spoiler rich review of BVS & Daredevil Season 2. Then my brand new little girl decided she "wanted out" a week early, So as I lay on this unrecognizable excuse for a pull-out chair bed at the hospital, after one of the longest days I've had in a while, all I have the strength to muster is a humble sale post. 

That's ok though, as it just means our BVS review and DD Season 2 review will be that much awesome-er next week. 

So in honor of our new princess, let's run an EXTRA 15% off the lowest published price on the site sale. Just use promo code "BABY" in the offer comments section, offer us at 15% less than the current ask, and we'll accept.

Mom and baby are great, please wish us continued health and lots of sleep (yeah right).

OH! And just for fun, I looked up a handful of classic "baby" covers from comics over the ages. I know Scottie Young has hundreds, but his are more "toddler" based, so I only threw one in. Hopefully you guys can use this as fodder to push for a baby room with comic book covers hanging everywhere. I know I have yet to succeed at that mission, lol!