Have (Movie) Trailers Gone Too Far?

*No Spoilers I Promise*

As I sat in the theater last night watching BVS with the ACC team, I couldn't help but notice how many important plot points were already well known to the audience due to the "every commercial break" running of the BVS trailer(s) for the last several weeks. 

I honestly pin almost all the blame (for this movie) on trailer # 2, the one that revealed WW among other important things. And I thought to myself, "self, if I hadn't known this was going to happen, I think I would have enjoyed it much more seeing it in the flow of the actual movie for the first time." 

Maybe I'm alone in this, and I definitely think trailers serve their purpose. I guess I'm just saying that on a movie like BVS, Civil War, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, etc., basically movies that we're all going to see anyway, do we really need to be given so much plot info prior to seeing the actual film.

I throw Star Wars out there because, in my opinion, it DID leave a lot to be figured out IN the movie. And consequently, there were 10-15 times in Star Wars when the audience cheered aloud. Not only just on a Thursday premiere. But also when I saw it the second time the following Saturday.

I'm not going to ruin an ounce of BVS, I'll just say that because so many important plot points were known going in, those reactions weren't quite as enthusiastic in BVS because the audience knew they were coming. And, I think, therein lies my point.

I have a good friend that for years has ran away from me anytime I begin to speak "trailer" for big upcoming "cape" movies, and I used to think he was a weirdy, thinking, "who wouldn't want to see the trailers?" But as time has gone on, and the trailers have stretched from 1 minute to 2 and 1/2 to 3 minutes, I'm starting to get on team "weirdy" myself. I just think it's too much.

Listen, you, me, and MILLIONS of other people are going to go see Civil War when it comes out regardless of whether we'd seen Spidey pop out on the last trailer last week. Now think about this. Would you have rather seen that on your cell, along with a 2 minute cliffnotes version of the whole movie? Or would you have rather had all of your questions answered IN THE MOVIE?

I used to be on team trailer, but I think I'm moving over to team movie. This will be  a hard switch to make, knowing that I'll be inundated with trailer offerings EVERYWHERE. But I'm thinking the payoff "in the movie" will be worth it.

Until next time...