Collecting Deadpool 101: A Complete List Of All Of The Movie Relevant Keys

Let's face it, if you're just now jumping onto the "collecting Deadpool" bandwagon, it's already a bit full. BUT! There are still several books out there that aren't insanely expensive yet, that are also "movie keys". So today we're going to give you a full list of all of the issues that have importance based on the movie that was released last week. All the first appearances of Weasel, NTW, Angel, Cable, Ajax, etc. we'll list all of them for you here, along with photo's and current price range. You may be a bit too late to grab these books for their previous $1 bin asking prices from a couple of years ago, but several of these issues are still relatively unknown keys, so there are still deals to be had.

I'm also going to dive into the world of speculation and give you 3 picks (guesses) for issues that may have characters making their debut in Deadpool 2. 

Deadpool was a product of the 90's. As with most things comics in the 90's, a lot of the issues were mass produced. So you can still grab about 5 of the below 11 issues for around $10. They're probably all good investments as there weren't a ton character's killed off in the movie (or any?, no spoilers here). And anytime you can grab an ongoing movie series character's 1st appearance for $10 or less, it's a pretty safe investment.

We'll start with the big guy, obviously everyone knows where Deadpool's 1st appearance was, but just for kicks.

1.) New Mutants # 98

1st Appearance Of: Deadpool

Price Range: Cheapest BIN on ebay looks to be right at $300, but they sell consistently closer to $500 or higher for nicer copies.

2.) New Mutants # 86 & 87 & Uncanny X-Men # 201

1st Appearance(s) Of: Cable

Price Range: You can grab copies of NM#86 for less than $10 still. Cable does appear on the last page. Could we see the kind of shift on this issue in value like we did on Man of Steel # 18 to MOS # 17? Maybe, probably doubtful, but at a current ask of less than $10, it definitely has room for growth as NM # 87 gets too expensive for collectors.

#87 is spiking up to the $150 range more consistently for ungraded stated NM copies. But there appear to still be the occasional $99.99 copies being listed. This is the big winner from the Dpool movie for obvious reasons, and absolutely has plenty of room still left to grow. The only thing that could slow it down is the fact that it's not technically Cable's 1st appearance, but as long as too many people don't realize that, it should be fine.

UXM # 201 is still in the $10-20 range. It could also benefit greatly if NM #87 starts to get very pricey, as a rising tide tends to raise all ships.

3.) Deadpool # 14

1st Appearance Of: Ajax

Price Range: Cheapest one I can find is around $30. We sold our copy we had the week of the release for about $50, so the current asking range should be between $30 and $50.

4.) Morlocks # 1

1st Appearance Of: Angel Dust

Price Range: Still available for $8.99 and several other copies in that range.

5.) Giant Size X-Men # 1

1st Appearance Of: Colossus

Price Range: $300 is usually the starting range to even get into a low grade copy. And this isn't a book that's probably going to see an increase because of Deadpool. It's been one of the most consistent key issues for 20 years, and should continue to be. 

6.) Cable # 3

1st Appearance Of: Weasel

Price Range: Still available for less than $5. I know due to the high print run this issue will probably never increase but so much. But at less than $5, it's kind of a no brainer to grab as many as you can. TJ Miller's career arrow seems to be pointing due north, if he sticks around as Weasel for 2 or 3 more DP films, I'd find it hard to believe that this issue wouldn't eventually make it's way to the $20 range. 

7.) New X-Men # 115

1st Appearance Of: Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Price Range: Plenty of copies being auctioned off NOT getting to $10. Cheapest BIN price looks to be around $15 for both covers. This is another issue that could benefit from another DPool film, with more of our favorite brooding teenager. Definitely upside on this one.

8.) X-Force # 19

1st Appearance Of: Vanessa

Price Range: This book also has a lot of low sales due to it's high print run. With cheap BIN availability as well. You can get one for around $5-10 and again, that seems like a worthy investment. Vanessa should stick around in one way or another for at least another DP flick, so get them now while they're still low.

9.) Deadpool # 1

1st Appearance Of: Blind Al

Price Range: We sold a VF copy of this issue this week for $60. I think the NM's are more in the $100 - $150 range. This book for a long time was just important as "Deadpool # 1", but now that it has the 1st apperance of a movie character associated with it, it's seen a nice little spike.


NOW! Let the speculation begin!

I'm going to list 3 books that I think have a chance to be "movie important" for Deadpool's next installment. The Cable issues' increased importance is already out of the bag. But here's our stab at 3 more characters that could debut in the Merc-iverse in a few years. 


1st Appeared in: New X-Men # 128 & 129

Fantomex is basically the French version of Deadpool, with a few different powers. He's long been a speculator's favorite due to his fantastic run on the wonderful Uncanny X-Force series from a few years ago. With current sale prices of NM copies still in the $30-40 range, this is a great book to grab before a movie announcement.


1st Appeared in: Marvel Age # 82

Marvel Age # 82 is one of those titles that doesn't get a lot of love, as it's kind of a preview type magazine and not an "in cannon" comic book. But this may be one to watch, along with Stryfe's other credited 1st appearance in New Mutants # 87 (as he's basically Cable's evil twin), as it has a lower print run than any of the New Mutants or X-Force titles. You can buy this book for around $15. But there isn't a ton of inventory out there. So grab it quick!


1st Appeared in: X-Force # 11

Domino technically appeared in New Mutants # 98, which obviously is way more expensive than X-Force # 11. But it was revealed that the Domino in NM #98 wasn't the "real" Domino, and that the real Domino doesn't show up until X-Force # 11. So while that is certainly confusing, it allows X-Force # 11 to have some stand alone value. You can still grab this book for around $15, but that should change if Domino is in the next DP movie.

And there you have it. Our take on 15 of the hottest books in the Merc-Iverse and where they could go in the future. 

Until next time, keep collecting!