Calm Before The Storm...

What is the point of reading these emails? Well, today is the point. Because today is the day that we're opening the kimono and giving you a 1st look sneak peek at some incredible stuff coming to ACC soon!

In the past week, we have bought 4 different collections. And while I don't often use this platform to "sell" to you actively, I just want you to know, that we have got some BIG stuff coming down the pike. I'm going to include a few photo's to wet your appetite, but be sure to check out the site every night for the next few weeks as it will take me a while to get this all listed and available to you guys. 

We have been blessed to acquire some of what everyone is interested in lately. 60 piece Funko collection, CHECK! 75 Piece "Mint On Card" 20 year old action figure collection, CHECK! 4 and a half boxes of straight up KEY issues, CHECK! 3 MORE boxes of hot limited series and in demand ongoing series issues, CHECK!

This has easily been one of the most diverse weeks of acquisitions ACC has ever seen, and YOU are the beneficiary. Why? Well as a first time ever offer, we're going to offer an additional 10% off our lowest published price on ebay to anyone that sends us an offer on an item (at 10% lower than asking) with the promo code STORM.

This is a first time offer for our mailing list subs to get an additional benefit, and if it goes great we'll probably keep it up.

New stuff is being listed in boxes TB1, J70, J71, J72, J73, J74, J75, etc. Not sure how many we'll need, but it would just go up from there.

Enough selling, enjoy the free pictures! MANY more to come if you follow us on Instagram!

Until next time, keep collecting!