"Last Chance Before Christmas" Sale!

Against my own better judgement, we're going to offer you guys, our loyal website die-hards, one last chance at our best offer of the year. You all keep us going all year, keep supporting us, and keep allowing us to sell funny books for a living, and after all, this is the season of giving, so....

You guessed it, 50% OFF, IS BACK, for one last weekend. 

Everything in the store priced at $100 or less will be included with the exception of box RG1 (just listed consignment). Items priced at $100 or more will be 20% off* (event tickets excluded)

To take advantage of these offers, simply offer us 50% less than our current asking price on anything priced at $100 or less through eBay's offer system, along with code "50OFF" or "20OFF" in the offer comments section.

Anything bought this weekend will ship out on Monday, and is consequently almost sure to arrive well before Christmas. That's not a promise, but giving the USPS 10 business days is usually more than enough time to get it done. 

So there it is, one last time to grab some amazing stuff at some insane prices. We may bring this back for FCBD next year, but more likely than not, this is the last time we'll extend this offer until next black Friday. SO GO BUY SOME COMICS!

Merry Christmas ya' filthy animals!