It's Getting Strange...

Last week we had our second encounter in the last few months with a fanboy favorite at the shop. Earlier this year our buddy Teddy Sears (Of "Flash" Fame) stopped by to pickup some key issues related to the characters he played on CW's "The Flash". Which was insanely cool, to sell the comics that created a character that he later portrayed on the small screen, to the guy that portrayed the character on screen.....very meta. 

This time however we were thrilled to meet none other than "Stranger Things's" Sheriff Hopper himself, David Harbour. Both Teddy and David were insanely cool, totally willing to field our fanboy questions about both series while giving us all kinds of awesome insight.

What was different about our encounter with Mr. Harbour however, was that he was in the shop for some character research. As in a character or two that he hopes to portray in the future. Unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to disclose which character or characters, but suffice to say that we set him up with the bible on these characters, and should he get one or both of these roles, you, the general comic book public, will be thrilled. One day, if he gets the roles, I'll tell the story of the interaction of us coming to realize what was happening, I'd like to tell you that we were super cool about it, but we may have geeked out a bit. 

David wandered into our store because they happen to be filming Stranger Things Season 2 a few miles from our shop, in my old hometown actually. David gave us a tiny sneak peak at some of this coming season's storylines, nothing too spoiler-y, and was just an overall super chill guy.

So far we're 2 for 2 on awesome celebrity encounters, and have been lucky enough to actually have what they needed IN STOCK when they came in, thank God. So anyway, look out for Mr. Harbour in a cape (or not a cape) near you sooner rather than later.

And in the meantime, get ready for an awesome season 2 of this past summer's "Strangest" show. 

Have a great Christmas everyone,


"What's in the box?" ... Wouldn't you like to know, MUU HAA HAA HAA!

"What's in the box?" ... Wouldn't you like to know, MUU HAA HAA HAA!