We Got The Goods This Week... (& A Sale!)

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Right off the jump, No spoilers, go see Dr. Strange. I didn't hear a single bad word from anyone I went to see it with on Tuesday. Bonus side note, MEGA props to Marvel Studios for continuing to gift the local comic shops in Atlanta with advanced screening tickets. I saw folks from at least 4 shops in the house. I get it, we blab about how great the movie is and if only 1 of our friends goes, that endorsement was as effective as their trailer, but still, I think a lot of large companies lose sight of their core supporters, and Marvel clearly has that part of the movie promotion business down.

Also, bonus movie endorsement for you this week. This may be the first week since I've had two kids in the past two years that I've seen two movies in one week, but I caught "The Accountant" last Saturday, and while the movie was actually very good, I have to comment on how much I loved the lengths WB went to, to shoe-horn in "DC" references into a non-DC movie.

Sure there were the obvious castings of Affleck (Batman) & Simmons (Gordon), but (tiny spoilers ahead) they also cast the actress that plays Amanda Waller in "Arrow" as Simmons' assistant, used the Solomon Grundy rhyme/mantra as the main chacter's "calming mechanism" and slid in Action Comics # 1 & Green Lantern # 1 (Vol.1... Alan Scott Version I believe) as "treasures" in the main character's "vault" alongside gold bars, cash, and priceless works of art. Kind of makes you feel good to be in the comics biz, lol.

"The Accountant" also films a few scenes in Atlanta (is set in Chicago though), right off my street actually, which is pretty cool. And, unknown to me going in, had the fantastic John Bernthal in it. Bernthal & Affleck did have a fight scene, so in the Marvel U, you had a Daredevil V. Punisher fight (second one this year I may add), or in the "amalgam U" you had a Batman V. Punisher fight, equally cool, and something die hard 90's comics fans & John Romita Jr. had to love.

Now onto the non-movie review portion of this week's program. I told you guys last week that the keys had arrived, were being scanned, and were headed your way. Well, we're not going to disappoint this week as I have 3 boxes chock full of good stuff, ready to be listed. It will all be live for sale in the next week or so, and all comes from box codes "YY1", "EP2", & "J68". To sift through our ever expanding inventory to see JUST the issues from these boxes, just type in the box codes above into our store search bar, and they'll all pull right up for you.

But enough talk, here's the books in all their beautiful scanned beauty.