Today's THE Day!

By the time you read this today, we will have closed on our new building! The new ACC world HQ is a 4000 Sq. Ft. Sprawling PALACE compared to where we’re at currently.

I stared this business about 7 years ago. I was working for Sprint, their network was being overhauled, and because of this the service was terrible. Eventually I got sick of everything I sold being getting returned because it didn’t work.

I saw an opportunity in the form of “grab bags”. Where sellers were selling grab bags on eBay for $10-15 for about 10 comics, no guarantees. I also saw that I could buy larger “lots” of comics in the Atlanta area for around $0.10 a piece. An idea was born…

I thought that maybe I could buy a few of these lots and sell 20-30 grab bags a month to make a few extra dollars to help with the challenges with my job. What happened though, was I realized in the random “lots” of books that I’d bought, that there was some stuff that was maybe worth a good bit, that maybe I could sell some things in addition to the grab bags…

I’ll never forget that we started with auctioning a “Civil War” & Batman “Year One” set. When they both sold for around $50… everything changed.

A couple of months later, we were auctioning off enough stuff for me to consider quitting my job to focus on this alone. Then one day I got a call from a young lady that had an old collection of X-Men books. They belonged to her recently deceased uncle who’d had a developmental disorder. He never left home, and those books had been stored in his cedar chest since he got them new off the rack. Suffice to say they were absolutely GORGEOUS copies of X-Men # 1-20.

I paid her about $2000 for them, auctioned them off for close to $9000 about 2 weeks later, and quit my job the next day.

Hundreds of collections, thousands of customers, and dozens of partners later, we stand at the doorstep of the biggest day in company history. To everyone that has made this day possible, THANK YOU!

And to anyone out there that hates what they’re doing, but has an idea, or a passion they want to pursue… GO FOR IT! You just never know where it will take you.

Pictures of the new location will be forthcoming in the next few weeks as we get started on moving in.

BUT! You know I don’t want to take ALL of this stuff with us…. so you guessed it, BIG sale heading your way as we try to clear out some goodies before we start loading up the moving trucks!

New boxes this week are JK1, JF6, J337, MF22, MF16, CJ15, etc. All new stuff is eligible for this weekend’s sale!

Be sure to sort by “newly listed” to see ALL the amazing new goodies live in the store.

Onto the details!

Free Shipping isn’t going anywhere!*

Everything in store priced at $25 or less is on sale for 75% OFF LOWEST ADVERTISED PRICE!*

Everything in store priced between $25.01 to $100 is on sale for 50% OFF LOWEST ADVERTISED PRICE!*

And Everything in store priced from $100.01 to $1000 is on sale for 35% OFF LOWEST ADVERTISED PRICE!

*Only excludes toys / apparel.

*Minimum Purchase of $10 for free shipping. Free shipping only applies to domestic orders.

***Just write OFFER CODE "MOVE" in the "Make An Offer" comments section when you use the eBay "MAKE AN OFFER" option, along with your 75%, 50%, or 35% off offer and we'll accept.***

*One little note on larger orders going forward. We’re happy to allow you to buy however many listings/lots that you want. BUT, we’re running into an issue where the “old” way we process orders was taking increasingly longer and longer to get through on the 20+ listing orders. So going forward we’ll still obviously be shipping everything you buy safely, but we’ll no longer be bagging everything, instead placing cheaper “lots” into bubble mailers, then within boxes to speed up the processing time. If you need us to send you loose bags that you’d like to use to bag your order yourself, that’s fine, just make that request at checkout. Again, safety has always been & will always be our # 1 priority when it comes to shipping, but we need to find some more time so we can keep up our 1 day processing promise, and this is the best solution we could find.

And be on the lookout for the hundreds of new golden & silver age books hitting the site daily!