Summer CLEARANCE Week 2 & HUGE New Collection!

You guys went NUTS last week on the 65% off cheap stuff, and I'll tell you what, not a moment too soon. We have just begun listing the first box of what will probably be about 40 boxes of nothing but silver & golden age goodness, with just a sprinkle of bronze layered in. First bux is JL9, some of it's wares are pictured below... it only gets better.

65% off is back on the lower priced stuff, and it's still at $30.

New boxes this week are DB8, JC2, JC4, JC5, JC6, J320, and JL9. All new inventory will be eligible for this sale.

Everything in store priced at $30 or less is on sale for 65% OFF LOWEST ADVERTISED PRICE!*

Everything in store priced between $30.01 to $70 is on sale for 55% OFF LOWEST ADVERTISED PRICE!*

And Everything in store priced over $70.01 is on sale for 35% OFF LOWEST ADVERTISED PRICE!

*Only excludes toys & tickets.

PLUS, EVERY order SHIPS FOR FREE! (Domestic Only) That's right! No minimum purchase, you buy it, it ships free! 

Just write OFFER CODE "GOLD" when you use the eBay "MAKE AN OFFER" option in the "note to seller" section along with your 65%, 55%, or 35% off offer and we'll accept. 

Have a great weekend everyone!