One sale event ends, another begins, yup it's that time of year!

Last weekend we offered up 70% off on the "cheap stuff" and you would have thought we dumped a bucket of chum in the water, 4-5 hundred listings, gone! Just like that!

So we're going to do that again, because we brought in ANOTHER 30 boxes of stuff this week, and dear goodness, we need the room! 

So this weekend THROUGH MONDAY! We're offering 70% off list price on everything in store priced at $20 or LESS!

That's CRAZY LOW! Low as in $6 for a $20 lot! AND FREE SHIPPING (domestic)!

We're also keeping the increased % discount on our BIG TICKET ITEMS! This weekend only, save 40% on that key you've been eyeing!

New boxes this week are TW64, TW65, JL3, DB1. All new inventory will be eligible for this sale.

Everything in store priced at $20 or less is on sale for 70% OFF LOWEST ADVERTISED PRICE!*

Everything in store priced between $20.01 to $70 is on sale for 55% OFF LOWEST ADVERTISED PRICE!*

And Everything in store priced over $70.01 is on sale for 40% OFF LOWEST ADVERTISED PRICE!

*Only excludes toys & tickets.

PLUS, EVERY order SHIPS FOR FREE! (Domestic Only) That's right! No minimum purchase, you buy it, it ships free! 

Just write OFFER CODE "LABOR" in the "Make An Offer" comments section when you use the eBay "MAKE AN OFFER" option, along with your 70%, 55%, or 40% off offer and we'll accept. 

And be on the lookout for the hundreds of new golden & silver age books hitting the site daily!

Have a great weekend everyone!