So SDCC is next week, and I think it's obviously a bucket list even for most of us. Funny story, I actually honeymooned in San Diego, during Comic Con back in 09' before I was in the Comic "Biz"... I guess maybe I'd heard of it, but had no idea what it was. Well, I guess that was fate trying to get my attention, "hello! You're going to do this in a few years, GO TO COMIC CON WHILE YOU'RE IN SD!" 

Sadly I didn't listen, I went to the zoo & baseball games instead... boring.... and I missed the total "layup" of an opportunity to go. Oh well, that's what 10 year anniversaries are for right, lol.

I am super stoked though as several of our shop friends & consignees ARE heading to SDCC this year, so God speed to all attending, we wish you the blessings of every exclusive item you want, access to every panel you wish to see, and an all around awesome time!

If you're not going to "the big one" this year, look no further for some amazing "con-like" deals this weekend on all of your favorite ACC wares. New collections have arrived daily since last week, TONS of awesome new stuff coming down the pike. Pics below! Deets below!

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*Only excludes toys.

PLUS, EVERY order SHIPS FOR FREE! (Domestic Only) That's right! No minimum purchase, you buy it, it ships free! 

Just ENTER CODE "CON" in the eBay "MAKE AN OFFER" screen "note to seller" section along with your 60%, 55%, or 35% off offer and we'll accept. 

Have a great weekend everyone!