Chances are, if you actually open this email, you already know that this is the biggest comics weekend of the year, because yes, tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day.

Don't let the name fool you, millions of dollars will be spent across the country tomorrow at one of the greatest American institutions that ever was or ever will be, your local comic book shop.

Childlike wonder will probably fill your soul as you head out on your quest, to hit up as many stores as possible, hunt down as many holes in your runs as possible, look for that 1 Funko chase that's eluded you, and score as many amazing deals on as many amazing keys as possible. Yes, it is the annual right of passage of our people, and it is amazing. 

Maybe this year will be the first that you take you 5-6 year old son or daughter with you, because this is the 1st year that they can actually read the books by themselves, maybe they'll see a FCBD edition of Batman, Spider-Man, Spongebob, Mickey Mouse, or whatever 5-6 year olds are into these days and they'll be hooked forever. Maybe they'll be silent the whole ride home, lost in Gotham devouring every word in those beautiful four color pages. And maybe you'll be transported back to the time you were first introduced to comics and wonder what you did to be so lucky as to have a kid that's also into them.

Sure, this could happen at any time, on any new books day or in your stinky basement where you keep your books, but free comic book day is special. There's a unique buzz in the air, almost like the Thanksgiving of comics. Everyone you know in the hobby will be out, the Infinity War chatter will be boiling over and under every aisle. Yes friends, FCBD is the kind of day we live for.

Here at ACC, we have no interest in swaying you away from any of those glorious experiences. So if you have an LCS running a great sale, get out there and support your local economy, reconnect with your friends while racking your mind trying to figure out if you can swing $300 for an ASM 300 THAT'S ON SALE! Just go be apart of the festivities.  

Sadly though, there are people that work during the day on Saturday, have a child's play they can't get out of, a recital, a baby shower, car trouble, family in town, yardwork, a wife, etc. Friend, I'm here to tell you, we are here for you. Because this weekend (not just Saturday) we're offering FREE (domestic) SHIPPING on EVERY order placed with the promo code contained in this add. So if you can't get out there and enjoy the community, at least you can save big $ on some amazing stuff. And we're going to get that stuff right to your door, free of charge!

Here's the deets! 

Everything in store priced at $30 or less is on sale for 55% OFF!*

Everything in store priced between $30.01 to $70 is on sale for 50% OFF!*

And Everything in store priced over $70.01 is on sale for 35% OFF!*

*Only excludes toys & glassware.

PLUS, EVERY order SHIPS FOR FREE! (Domestic Only)

ENTER CODE "FREE" in the eBay "MAKE AN OFFER" screen comments section along with your 55%, 50%, or 30% off offer and we'll accept. 

Seriously gang, this weekend is special, hopefully you'll have time to get out there and grab some amazing stuff. I'll never forget FCBD a few years ago when I picked up a graded copy of Tales Of Suspense # 1. Did I leave the house looking for that? NOPE! But that's the magic of FCBD, anything can happen. Things you didn't know existed can be found, so whether you're buying online, quarter bin surfing in San Diego, or pop-hunting around Cleveland, enjoy the hunt, and go buy some comics!


P.S. "May The Fourth Be With You" on your quest.