I think it's appropriate to slow down for a moment, and really appreciate where we are living right now. Infinity war came out last month and was amazing. That followed "The Black Panther" in February which was also awesome.

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Now we get Deadpool 2, are you kidding me, a SECOND Deadpool movie was made, and I haven't seen it yet, but I bet it's fantastic. Then like 5 minutes later (1 week later) we get a Han Solo origin story, let me say that again, A HAN SOLO ORIGIN STORY, WHAT? who knew God loved us so much, then Ant-Man & The Wasp, then this then that, ok we get the point. 

But come on guys, when you were sitting in your LCS in 1983, 1995, or 2002, arguing over whatever stereotypical scenario that's played out on countless tv shows depicting nerds, did you ever ACTUALLY think we would one day rule the entertainment universe? What was the ultimate low point that made us think, "nope, that will never happen." For me it's the terrible Marvel 80's FF & Cap "movies". But just to think, we came from that, to Avengers, Deadpool, and Star Wars in ONE MONTH! AHHHHH!

(Down a little further)

Ok, enough rambling, I just think it's important to appreciate the moment, sometimes they pass and you're like "man, that was a great moment" well friend-o, we're in that moment now, so enjoy the taco's out of it.

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Have a great weekend everyone!