I'm going out of town SO HOW BOUT A SALE!

Yup, I rarely miss Monday's, but this week I'll be in Israel, so I'm going to surprise our manager with a huge sale, and just wait by the phone for him to text me about his sadness when he sees how big the order is, maybe I can even get him to look at me like the accompanying picture. Don't worry, I've already arranged extra help for him, so all orders will still get out on time, but it will still be fun to poke the bear a bit, hehe. 

So here's the offer! NOW Through Sunday!

Everything in store priced at $75 or less is on sale for 50% off!

Everything in store priced at $75.01 or MORE is on sale for 30% off!

PLUS! Spend $75 and the whole order ships for FREE! (Domestic only)

*only exclusions from both offers are toys/glassware

Just use offer code "TRIP" along with your offer that's either 50% or 30% less than the current asking price and we'll accept!

Tons of new inventory up this week, plenty more to come over the weekend before I leave!

Have a great weekend everybody!