SUPER Weekend! SUPER Sale!

Fun fact about the fearless leader over here at ACC...I'm a HUGE Philadelphia Eagles fan....huge like I have season tickets (yes I live in Atlanta), I hold a Carson Wentz Funko figure during the games (I'm seeing a therapist), and I have weird hand gestures/signals that I exchange with my dad before big plays. 

It's more than fair to say that this part of my life has brought mostly despair, sadness, and the prevailing feeling of letdown. As any Cubs or Red Sox fan from years gone by can testify, somehow you hold onto the belief that this year will be different, that this year they won't choke in the most inconceivable way possible.

Well, this year was that year for us, then bang, on a play brought back via penalty, our football savior Carson Wentz tore his ACL and was/is out for the year. Bye bye super bowl, adios championship. But then something magical happened, we won without him. Then we did it again, then again and again. 

Now the team that I've been raised to love has one game left, facing an opponent better than there has ever been before. And we trot out our mighty back-up. No way we win right? Well, the people that predict these things for a living certainly don't think so. But maybe this year... maybe this team is different. 

Now I know the stereo-type is that "comics guys" don't like sports, but everyone likes the superbowl, so in the interest of sending a little extra positive "ju-ju" to my team this weekend, let's run a big sale. We'll call it either the "Eagles Celebration Sale" or the "Console Jeff Sale" either way I guess I'll feel better about an increase in sales. Either as the cherry on top of a fantastic weekend, or a pillow to cry on after another let down.

I guess now would be a good time to return to our regularly scheduled sale memo, so here it is!

Now through Super Sunday, everything in store priced at $70 or less is on sale for 50% off the listed price.

Additionally, everything in store priced at $70.01 or more is on sale for THIRTY / 30% off. 

ALSO! If you spend $40 or more, the entire order ships for free (domestic only).

Just enter code "FLY" with either offer in eBay's "make an offer" comments section and we'll accept.

And for those of you out there that are Pats fans, you can use the sale too. 

Have a great weekend everyone!