I would feel heartless to try to link the passing of a titan to a crummy sale, so we posted a separate piece on the website talking about how much Stan means to us.

Stan was ever the salesman though, so “Face Front!” as this week we’re rolling out a big one!

Onto the details!

We did some adjusting to our pricing in eBay last week. So the discount % from this sale won’t be as large as before, but since the larger price was lowered, the end price in many instances may now be lower than it was before.

But don’t worry, Free Shipping isn’t going anywhere!*

New boxes this week are CJ8, CJ9, CJ11, CJ12, MR1, MR2, MR3, MR4, J340, JL10, etc.. All new inventory will be eligible for this sale.

Everything in store priced at $30 or less is on sale for 50% OFF LOWEST ADVERTISED PRICE!*

Everything in store priced between $30.01 to $70 is on sale for 35% OFF LOWEST ADVERTISED PRICE!*

And Everything in store priced from $70.01 to $1000 is on sale for 30% OFF LOWEST ADVERTISED PRICE!

*Only excludes toys & tickets.

*Minimum Purchase of $10 for free shipping

Just write OFFER CODE "Stan" in the "Make An Offer" comments section when you use the eBay "MAKE AN OFFER" option, along with your 50, 35, or 30% off offer and we'll accept.

And be on the lookout for the hundreds of new golden & silver age books hitting the site daily!

Have a great weekend everyone!