We don't really do auctions but...

The guys over at HipComic.com convinced us to put about 60 high priced issues on auction with them to help them jumpstart a new weekly auction they'll be running. I just checked out the current prices (the stuff ends Monday evening) and boy oh boy, there are some DEALS to be had.

As a courtesy to you our loyal following, I wanted to let you guys know about the ridiculously low prices some of the stuff is currently priced at, so you too can scoop up some of those sweet deals. Several $100 + issues sitting closer to $20-30 right now.

Here's a link to the auctions (first 60 listings are the auctions):


ALSO, you know we're always going to give you the first unfiltered look at the amazing free scans of hot new issues coming your way soon... This week offers us mostly a high grade pre-unity Valiant batch, along with a few cool things I found on a recent trip down to Florida.