It is officially con season folks, and I can't tell you how many people have asked me what con's we'd be at this summer, well.... NONE of them..... Why? Because we prefer to offer our wares online only, aside from the obvious inventory management problems associated with selling at cons & online simultaneously, we've been lucky enough to develop such a loyal buyer base that we've decided to just keep offering you guys, our online heroes, the best deals in comics, delivered right to your door. 


Let's run 50% off again this weekend!

****EBAY DEAL!****

Anything priced at $99.99 and below, will be 50% off from NOW until Monday. Just offer us 50% of the current asking price on anything listed on eBay ONLY and we'll accept! (only exception is funko's/toys).  *HipComic is already running a sale on our stuff this weekend, so we can't stack the two offers. So just follow the link below to get 50% off on eBay.

Link to the store homepage:

****HipCOMIC DEAL!****

NOW until Monday buy ANYTHING priced at $3.99 and below for ONLY $0.99! Buy any 15 listings at $0.99 and they ALSO ship for FREE! (domestic only). This deal is ONLY offered through (link below)