Yup! You read that right, but it's actually kind of better than that....Last weekend you guys really went crazy for the extra 5%, so we're going to send it your way again. I'm going to simplify everything a bit for you though, this weekend we're going to offer 30% off EVERYTHING priced higher than $9.99. And 50% off everything priced LESS than $9.99.


On anything under $9.99, use offer code "50Off" on the eBay offer screen.

On anything over $9.99, use offer code "30Off" on the eBay offer screen.

Also, we've got a nice box of keys heading your way this weekend, but they haven't been through the scanner yet. They should be active by Saturday, just check box code YY1 this weekend in lieu of the free photo's this week. 

Have a great weekend everybody!