AFTER Christmas Sale Is LIVE!

If you guys are anything like me... I'm a giftcard guy. On one hand, you can get a bunch of random stuff that you never would have bought for yourself, will never use, and maybe you'll be a bit surprised in that moment, and on the other, you can get a giftcard, not be surprised (don't really need a big box to house a giftcard), then the next day or so, get exactly what YOU want.... seems like a no brainer, right?

Well, we're here to make that decision even easier for you, as we're coming at you hard with an awesome after Christmas sales offer. Shipping charges... forget that... up to 50% off, you know it! So here's the deals...

Everything in store* priced at $70 or less is 50% off. *only exception is toys & glassware

Everything in store* priced at $70.01 or more is 25% off. *only exception is toys & glassware

PLUS spend just $25 and we're ALSO shipping EVERYTHING FOR FREE (domestic only).

I can't recall all of the sales offers we make off the top of my head, but spend $25 for $50 worth of comics and they ship for free... seems like one of our most generous.

So come get what your really want before it's gone, as I can promise you we'll have to decline several offers due to them being repeat offers, and we always accept the offer we received first. 

This sale is good NOW until Thursday 12/28 at 12:00 AM PST. So you have a full 2 days to shop till you drop.

As always, we're shipping everything next day, safely, and delivering smiles right to your door. 

As a bonus Christmas present, enjoy a few free scans from the "coming attractions" heading your way in the next week or so.