'The Gifted' Brings Mutants To The Small Screen

By: Henry Hanks, Contributor     @hankstv / tvshenry@gmail.com

Since the year 2000, the self-titled "X-Men" film franchise has given us six movies, we've also seen three "Wolverine" movies, and one fantastic "Deadpool" film (with one on the way). 

So, with Fox's ownership of all things mutant, it was only a matter of time before the Fox network (where the X-Men cartoon launched "X-Media" in 1992) got a piece of the pie.

There have been live action "X-Men" TV shows before, most notably FX gave us the critically acclaimed "Legion" earlier this year, additionally, way back in 2001, Avi Arad created & produced "Mutant X" (that's a long story), but it's been long overdue for mainline FOX to get in on the action.

Well, wait no longer X-Fan, Monday night is here, and it brings with it "The Gifted," an original idea where the X-Men have gone missing and mutants are left to fend for themselves, specifically the Strucker family, whose children are mutants.

That doesn't mean we don't meet other mutants along the way, including some taken from the pages of "X-Men's" 50-plus year comic book history.

Fans can look forward to some recurring mutant characters, but three of the regulars are based on characters in the comics...

She has the power of magnetism. Sound familiar? In 2003, it was confirmed that she is the daughter of Magneto, and it looks like this will be the case in the series as well.

Polaris, portrayed by Emma Dumont, will be the closest link "The Gifted" has with the "X-Men" movies (that we know of, anyway).

Polaris also goes back the furthest of the comics-based characters, having made her first appearance in "X-Men" #49 in 1968.

Polaris' green look is very much reflected in what we've seen so far from the show with Dumont's portrayal, as well.

The only character (so far) that has been portrayed in one of the movies and on "The Gifted," Jamie Chung takes over the role (Fan Bingbing played her in "X-Men: Days of Future Past").

Blink can teleport herself and others, definitely one of the coolest mutant powers, which lived up to its potential in an early scene of "Future Past."

We'll see how it looks on television, but there's definitely a lot of potential there for the show.

Blink is a relatively new mutant in the comics, having first appeared in 1994's "Uncanny X-Men" #317.

Thunderbird may be best known as a member of the classic X-Men lineup in "Giant Size X-Men" #1 from 1975, which launched the X-Men as we know them now.

Thunderbird is also known for meeting an early, untimely end. 

Of course, death is not really the end in comics, as Thunderbird will have a regular role on "The Gifted," portrayed by Blair Redford. 

Here's hoping he lasts longer on TV than he did in the 1970's comics, and of course, here's hoping "The Gifted" does right by these beloved X-characters. We can say, that if the font of the title of the show is any indication, they appear to be talking to the right people as the series title evokes imagery of Grant Morrison's well received run on the "New X-Men" title from issue # 114-154. Maybe it's nothing more than coincidence, but I'm sure we all want it to be just as good as Grant's fantastic arc!