Jeff Did A Podcast... About Comics!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the guys over at "So you wanna sell on eBay!", to come on their show and talk about ACC. "SYWSOE" is a weekly podcast that talks to entrepreneurs around the country about their eBay businesses, how they got started, what they do, etc.

 I've dabbled in the "pod-arts" before, but never as a guest on someone else's show, so I figured what the heck. Ron & Ali, the guys that host the show, were super nice, very intelligent, and an absolute pleasure to "talk shop" with. 

I know a bunch of you are probably like, "dude, I just want to buy comics, I could care less how you came to exist...", and that's totally cool, but for the rest of you, consider this a kind of "origin" story of ACC.  

Link below! Runs about 30 minutes, enjoy!