Let's Save Some $$ (Also Pokemon)

(If you're just here for the sale deets, and not to listen to anymore "poke-talk" kindly scroll down to the bold section. -Management)

What a week. As a former 9 year old pokemaniac.... this has been something else.

I have to confess though, that I probably should turn in my pokedex because I wasn't an immediate adopter. Our store manager told me about "PG" last Wednesday, I had never heard of the concept before. He said it was in Japan & Australia, and like a giant pacific wave it was heading our way.

Thursday came and went, and I resisted. Friday and Saturday too. But then I was at the pool with my family on Sunday and my little sister told me she had caught 10 Pokemon and it was like the 10 year old me was yelling back from the past saying "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!" 

So I'm in.

I have enjoyed so many aspects about pokemania 2.0. Probably least of which is the game itself. Don't get me wrong, it's close, and I'm confident that with trading, battling, and a few less Pidgey & Rattata's in my immediate vicinity it may actually come close to what we loved about those Game Boy games almost 20 years ago.

But right now, it's early. It's buggy, glitches from time to time, and is closer to a fitbit than Pokemon Red, Blue, or any of their children. Which is cool I guess, but it's clearly not "pokemon in real life". Sidenote, that would never happen.... so maybe I'm overthinking it, but I digress.

What has been phenomenal, are all the stories that have been spawned by the craze. From people getting fired for playing at work, random people standing in places they clearly don't belong, old people mis-pronouncing Pokemon, to people catching pokemon while being pulled over by the police, it has been a MUCH needed light heart-ed development in a world that has been terribly dark over the last few weeks.

I am pleased to say that the good folks over at "PG" saw fit to label Atlanta Classic Comics as a "Pokestop" and we feel truly honored by this acknowledgement. 

I've yet to see some rando hanging out in front of our store yet, but I'm sure it's coming. 

So go out there and "catch em all" but stay safe, try to avoid bodies or "flicking" while you're driving. After all, IT'S ALL MAKE BELIEVE... not worth losing your life or causing hurt to others over a fake character on your cell phone screen. 

In a perfect world, that Gyrados on the load screen would pop up and actually snatch you away if the game was loaded on your phone while you were traveling in excess of 50 MPH, but sadly, in a world with no Gyrados', you just have to use your head.

In honor of the "fad" I was once consumed by as a 10 year old popping back onto the radar, let's run a 20% off sale this week with promo code "ASH"

You know how it works, just type "ASH" into the comments section of the offer screen in eBay, along with an offer that's 20% lower than our current asking price, and we'll accept. It's that simple.

Until next time,

P.S. Bonus shoutout to my dude Will and his Star Trek manifesto. Every time I look at it I am amazed. Sidenote, Will LOVES Pokemon (not really) and I'm sure he'd really LOVE it if you guys posted your favorite Pokemon on his Star Trek entries. Just a thought.